The Best Web Development Service in Ireland

With decades of combined experience, Fiksie has become one of Ireland’s web development agencies and served a diverge range of clients in various industries.

We have been providing not only premium web development services but also memorable web experiences through responsive and high performing websites using the latest web development tools and technologies.

The services we offer range from highly responsive websites to customized WordPress themes. Our team of web development specialists has the experience to work with all types of content management systems and frameworks like WordPress, Bootstrap, and many more.

Our Web Development Process

As a premier Dublin web development agency, we are equipped to meet each of the unique needs of our clients no matter what industry they belong to. That is why we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our mission and our vision are to help our clients make their vision into a reality. More so, we are not just here as your web development specialist but we are also your business partners who will help you grow your business.

In other words, we don’t just get your “order,” but we take time to listen to your opinion and input. That is why we have developed a process where our clients are involved every step of the way.

We have divided our web development process into six phases, so it is also easy to report to our clients where we are at, and how much time is left before the project is completed. The process is also part of our mission to be as transparent as possible to our clients.

First Phase: Information Gathering

During this phase, we will sit with you and listen to your vision so we can better understand your needs. We also allow our clients to make suggestions; then, we make an analysis how they can be integrated to the website we will be developing for you.

During this phase, we will also look at your competition to gain insight about what type of website and what features are needed to make your website competitive.

Second Phase: Feature Declarations

At this phase, we will begin to define the structure of your website including the features and functionalities that our clients need. We will provide the guideline for the project so you can easily monitor the progress of our project.

Third Phase: Developing Strategies

After we fully understand what you require, our web development team will put together the elements to create the most optimal solution for your business needs.

Fourth Phase: Design

At this phase, the team starts coding and designing your website. Our design and development team collaborates to create a high performing, SEO-ready, and mobile friendly website.

We will then present you with a mock-up design for approval. You can tell us if there are elements or features you want to change, so we can incorporate it to the final design.

Fifth Phase: Quality Check

We always guarantee the quality of the websites we create. When we say premium, then you get premium. Thus, each of websites undergoes a strict quality assurance check-up to ensure that everything is working properly before we hand them over to you.

Sixth Phase: After Service

The mark of an excellent Ireland web development service is the service they provide after the product delivery. At, our task does not end after we deliver the website to you. We know that managing a new website takes getting used to. Therefore, we also provide support and education during the first couple of weeks to our clients regarding their website.

Customised Web Development Services in Dublin

Our years of experience as a premium web development agency in Ireland have given us the flexibility and capacity to work with different websites.

This has enabled us to design and develop websites that are high performing and optimised to their maximum capacity using different technologies and systems.

Custom Web Development

Our web development team is capable of creating websites using technologies, such as

Bootstrap Framework

This is a free open-source framework that developers utilize to create different types of websites and web applications. It used to improve the user experience that will eventually translate to a higher ROI.


Developers use this Javascript library to make the HTML DOM nodes much easier to navigate and adjust. It is also used to manage CSS animations and Ajax that will contribute to a much better user experience.


It is probably the most popular and widely used content management system because it is easy to build and maintain. Plus, it has a wealth of plugins and extensions to make your website perform better and faster.


This is an open-source scripting language used to create customized websites.

Is Your Website Up to the Task?

Fiksie can help you create a sleek website that reflects your brands as well as attracts and converts visitors.

Simple and dynamic

With technology evolving very fast, websites should also grow with the times. Behind each and every elegant design we make is an uncomplicated management system so you can add new pages or content even with minimal web development knowledge.

Quality performance

Quality is at the very core of our value, so we make sure that our customers are always satisfied. We don’t just focus on elegant aesthetics but also on creating simple yet seamless codes that are easy to maintain and upgrade.

We opt for the simple so it won’t cost a lot when you want to add features or fix something in the future.

The Websites We Build

WordPress Websites

With WordPress, we are able to create customised websites within a short time. Its easy drag-and-drop system allows our clients to manage and upgrade their websites even without any coding skills.

Why Build with Us?

There are many web development agencies in Ireland but what sets Fiksie apart from its competition?

Diverse technologies

Although we focus on WordPress, we also use other technologies so we can meet the demands of a big enterprise but still allow small companies to have the same high performing website without breaking the bank.

Simple and one step ahead

All the websites we build are incorporated with HTML5 markup so it will be easier to upgrade them for future web standards.

Responsive layout that fits in every device

No matter where your visitors will view your website, they will always have the same experience because it is responsive.

Code and SEO optimised websites

We will make sure that your website is not just visible among search engines but will remain competitive in the long term.

Stop Procrastinating, Give Us a Call

Don’t let your competitors have an edge over you.

Let us help you build your business through a beautifully designed website that is user-friendly, SEO optimised, and mobile-ready.

Give us a call now, and talk to one of our specialists.