Smart SEO Services in Dublin

No matter how beautiful and elegant looking a website is but its SEO is non-existent, it will not last long. Fiksie, a Dublin search engine optimisation specialist, understands that.

SEO or search engine optimisation is a web strategy that makes a website visible to search engines like Google. In other words, they can easily find you and when they do, they will display you on the search results.

Seo Optimization

How is that possible?

This is a combination of different components and elements, which include keywords, title tags, H1s, H2s, design, and more. If all of these components and technological requirements are in place, the higher the possibility of getting ranked by the search engines.

However, each and every business aims to rank higher and land on Page One.

That’s because only a few people ever search other pages except for the first page.

If you are one of these businesses who aims to be on Google’s first page or increase your website traffic, you’ve come to the right place!

Going Organic is Good for Your Traffic!

With years of experience in providing Dublin SEO optimisation services, we have gained the insight how to make your site search engine friendly.

We don’t just focus on one aspect of SEO, but incorporate SEO good practices and techniques to increase your organic traffic.

You might be wondering what we mean by organic. In SEO-speak, there are two kinds of traffic – organic and paid.

Paid, as the name suggests, is the traffic you get from your paid ads.

These can come from your PPC ads, Facebook ads, and other channels, which you have paid for to make you visible.

Organic traffic is the opposite of paid. It’s all-natural, coming from the freshly churned pages of various search engines.

It happens when a particular person is looking for a specific service and when he or she types a certain word or phrase – we call that keyword – the search engines then churns out and displays all the website that are related to your business or service.

So if you happen to be using the right keyword for that particular service or niche, the search bots discover you and make you visible.

What SEO Means to Us

Helping local businesses in Dublin grow has been our passion. We do that by building them elegant websites and providing SEO services that strengthen their visibility and online presence.

Our SEO strategy evolves as the search engines evolve. In other words, we employ the latest SEO techniques and strategies to ensure you get high visibility on the first page. We guarantee that your prospects and customers will find you any time across all channels and on any device.

Local SEO

We will help increase your visibility when local customers search for your service in your area. If you are a dentist and someone in your area types “dentists near me,” they will see your name when the search engines yield their results.

Customised SEO Services

Different strokes for different folks – we at Fiksie understand that each business has their own unique needs that require specific solutions.

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter solution because eeach industry has a different landscape an each business has a different goal. So we will conduct research and analysis to determine what strategy best fits you and your business.

Competitive SEO

As a Dublin search engine optimisation specialist, we have a team of experienced SEO specialists who have worked in the toughest industries. Thus, they know how to create strategies that produce results.

The clients we have worked with have been satisfied with every SEO work we done for them. It is time that you experienced the brand of competitive SEO.

What Fiksie Can Do for You

Years of experience and training have taught us that online visibility and high search engine rankings are not just about keywords but much more. An effective an efficient SEO strategy combines both the back end and front end of your website, where the graphics and the codes work in perfect harmony.

Website Audit

If you have an existing site and you want to improve your SEO or optimize your site, it starts from here – website audit. We will determine what’s keeping your site from showing up on search engines.

We use the latest tools and technology in SEO to thoroughly check each component of your site. In other words, we will not leave anything unturned.

SEO Analysis

This process involves keyword research and analysis. What is the best keyword to use for your business in they type of industry you are in? This requires research and analyse what your competitors are doing.

Seo Optimization Fiksie

Even if you have an existing website or an SEO strategy in place but still it fails to yield the results you are looking for, then there’s something wrong with it. By conducting an audit and analysis, we will know whether it needs a complete overhaul or not.

SEO Strategy

At this point, we will start implementing an SEO strategy that fits your business and the industry you are in.

Website Optimisation

If your website is fully optimised, it won’t take long before the search engines noticed it. But what does a fully optimised website mean? It means that all the components, such as the title tags, H1s, H2s, schema, etc., are all in place in strategic positions.

Content Marketing Plan

Your content also plays a big role in your SEO strategy. If you want to attract your prospects, you need a well-thought and comprehensive marketing plan. More so, the content you need to put out should add value and solve the pain points of your target audience.

Giving out valuable content regularly and consistently will establish trust and position you as a thought leader.

Here’s an Overview of Our SEO Strategy


We create an SEO strategy that meets the requirements of the industry and niche you are in. You can either opt for our packaged SEO solution or customise a solution just for you.


Our strategy is always concurrent to Google’s best practices. We will give you a dedicated SEO account manager so you can closely and regularly monitor your website performance. We will also provide an executive monthly summary and report to keep you in the loop.

Flexible Solutions

Our SEO solutions are dynamic and cost-effective. Only work with the best Dublin search optimisation agency that is able to deliver cutting-edge solutions to your problems.

We have worked hard to make each of the brands we handled visible on search results and improve their online presence.

Develop a Strong and Solid Presence

Increase your sales by building your online presence and acquire targeted traffic to turn your website into a high-performing lead generation machine for your business.

Position yourself where your target audience can find you using the best Dublin search engine optimisation service. We will perform a comprehensive keyword research then, create a website that converts prospects into customers.

· Create Brand Awareness
We just don’t make your brand visible but recognizable both locally and globally using cutting-edge SEO techniques and practices.

· Generate Qualified Leads
Number one ranking is nothing unless it generates the traffic you need. We will help you attract high-quality leads that have higher potentials to becoming a paying customer.

· Establish Authority
Customers are attracted to leaders whom they can trust. Therefore, you need to establish yourself as a brand authority through time-proven SEO techniques and valuable content. As you build your authority, people come to you because you have something they need.

· Increase ROI

After establishing your authority and increasing your visibility, you get more traffic. That translates to more sales and more opportunity to grow your business.

Don’t Wait! Build Your Online Presence Now!

Time is essential to an SEO campaign. As you begin to employ cutting-edge SEO techniques, it takes time for you to see the results of your hard work. Thus, starting later means losing precious time and ROI.

Give us a call now so we can work together to grow your business.